TruffleHunter Condiment Discovery Range

TruffleHunter Condiment Discovery Range

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This set contains six mini jars of TruffleHunter Condiments, the perfect way to experience them all. Enjoy Black Truffle Ketchup, Black Truffle Mayonnaise, Black Truffle Mustard, Truffle Dust, White Truffle Honey, Flaked Black Truffle Sea Salt.

What do they taste like?

Your traditional condiments blended with the finest quality truffle, a delicious and simple way to give a luxurious twist to your food.

How should I use them?
Use these just as you would use your usual condiments!

Shelf life:
Mustard: 11 months
Mayonnaise: 11 months
Ketchup: 9 months
Salt: 18 months
Honey: 18 months
Dust: 12 months